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My Early Photography | Then and Now

My Early Photography | Then and Now


Back in the day, I called myself a ‘photographer’, even though I was far from it. I’ve gone through many cameras since the days of film (Canon film camera) but got my first professional camera, a Canon D60 EOS, when I was only 16 years old. That old camera only had 6 mega-pixels, but could sure take a good picture at that! The above photo was taken with that very camera in 2006. I Even added my signature to the bottom right-hand side to make it ‘official’!

My how times have changed. I’ve moved up to a Canon 60D as well as my newer Canon Rebel T2i with multiple professional lenses including my newest L lens by Canon, a 70-200mm F2.8 L USM. Talk about an investment, but absolutely worth it.

I guess you can say that I have now taken photography seriously for over 8 years. Even though photography is not what I do on a full-time basis, I still do it when I can for myself as well as for clients.  Below is a recent shoot with a couple who had then just gotten engaged.

Whitley & Jordan

You can see more of the photos from that shoot in the “Portraits & Candids” section of my blog.

I guess you can say that I have my own personal style and touch when it comes to photography. Thats what I believe sets my photography apart from the rest. No, I am no professional, at least thats what I tell people, but quality is what I strive for. If can capture that moment that will be remembered for a lifetime – through a photo, my work is complete. That is the key to great photography.

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The days of the studio are long gone. Great ‘memorable’ shots are hard to capture in a posed setting under some lights and a background. You have to get out! Go find that hard to get to or unique spot and that my friends is your studio.

Some of the best shots are candid. The above photo of my girlfriend Sara, was taken on Navarre beach, Florida. She was waiting for me to take the shot as she glanced to her right to look at something. That’s when I snapped the photo that I now refer back to as the “Hollister” photo.

Sara2 copy

As the years progress, so do my photography skills. As mentioned before, I am no professional photographer, as I have had no formal training of any kind..but I’ll let you be the judge.


Whether it’s capturing that ‘moment’ in a subtle glance, or photographing my angle on life its self, when I pick up a camera, capturing ‘life’ is my goal, and what I will always strive to achieve.

– Tyler


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