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Finally recording music again

Finally recording music again

Finally back on the keys and recording some piano! If you’ve known me or have ever met me, you know how much God and music have been a part of my life.. piano has been my life since i was 5 years old. When I was 10 years old I was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Burkitt’s Lymphoma that was battled with rounds of chemo then relapsed again not long after where i had to have a bone marrow transplant that saved my life. It was a 10 year battle but God and many many prayers from around the world saved my life. It was rough and painful but i always tried to keep a smile. I turned to the piano when times were hard to get all of my feelings out..and it always got me through. It’s been busy and at times – rough the past couple years and I haven’t recorded any music at all, but I feel God pushing back into doing what I believe was meant for me to do..serve him through music so that’s what I’m doing again and it feels amazing. Thank you all for supporting me no matter what. I always appreciate it! In a few days I’ll have some new music up for you to hear. If you want to hear some of my older music, feel free to check them out! Until then, God Bless.


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